GEOLocate GEOLocate Web Application Instructions

Warning: green marker is outside the uncertainty polygon.
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Measure tool options

Select and map the fields you would like to upload. Fields that are required and must be mapped are indicated in dark grey. You may either map existing fields from your data or auto-generate the remaining fields required by GEOLocate. Additional fields from your spreadsheet may also be added.

Mapping a field: Select an original data field and a destination field then click "MAP FIELD" to map your field to the correct GEOLocate field.
Un-mapping a field: Select a mapped destination field and click "UNMAP FIELD" to un-map it.
Adding a field: Select an original data field and click "ADD FIELD" to add your field to the GEOLocate standard fields.
Removing a field: Select an added source field and click "REMOVE FIELD" to remove it from the GEOLocate standard fields.

Original Data

Source --------> Destination
File layout:

Encoding Note: If your file was generated in Microsoft Excel without explicitly changing the encoding, it is most likely encoded in "Windows-1252", which includes "ANSI Latin 1" and "Western European (Windows)" encodings.

File Layout Note: If your file's columns layout does not match the GEOLocate specifications, selecting the "custom" option will generate an interface that will allow you to produce a properly laid out version of your uploaded file.

 or load an existing file using a retrieval code: