GEOLocate Developer Resources

   GEOLocate based web services for georeferencing were introduced in 2005. These services enable software developers to integrate georeferencing directly in their databases and applications. The Specify 6 collections management application is one such application utilizing these services to give its users direct access to georeferencing without having to export & import data or run additional software.

Use our webservices to provide georeferencing capabilities in your own applications.  You can obtain a current listing of our available services here.

Current Services: Sample Source Code: Third-party Applications: If you need help using these services, would like to contribute to this project or have developed an application utilizing any of these services and would like your application listed on this site, please contact:

Web Applications

Georeference collections data using your web browser. Quick and easy georeferencing.

Web Services

Integrate georeferencing into your own databases and applications using GEOLocate webservices.

Collaborative Georeferencing

Build communities, share data, relate records across collections and improve verification efficiency.